What are Copper Bars?

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Posted on 10-02-2023 10:58 AM

The price increase of the last years has shown, that copper can be a profitable investment. In response to the high demand, we offer various products of the finest copper as bars. Our copper bars are very popular as well as a cost -effective gift. The semiprecious metal belongs to the industrial metals. Copper is a so-called industrial metal because it occurs either in its pure form or as an alloy in the most different purposes. Due to its good electrical conductivity the main consumer is the electrical industry, but it's used in many other sectors as well. buy Our in-house designed copper products are made with a fineness of 999,9/1000.

Was this review helpful? yes / no i bought one and got hooked on these. So i bough a total of 4 and they look amazing. I use them as paperweights and as a hedge against an alien invasion that would steal all our copper as well. :) i bought the 1kilos (2 of them) they also look amazing. I get questions about these bars all the time from people, the wife thought is was gold so i had a little fun with that. I also like them because they are a good way to get an idea of different weights etc.

Punched copper bars are used mainly in distribution bar cabinets. Having a range of copper bars with single or double pre-drilled holes, you save time in assembly and processing bars in the wiring of electrical equipment. Teknomega pre punched copper bars with rounded corners are available with : length : 1750 mm thickness : 5 mm and 10 mm drilled with 10,5 mm diameter at 25 mm distance.

Investors can diversify their portfolio further by investing in copper bars. Copper is a multi-purpose metal which has a growing industrial use case and is used in electrical equipment, wiring and electric vehicles. Copper is considered as a key indicator of macro-economic conditions and industrial demand. Due to its widespread applications in all sectors of the economy, the price of copper is largely influenced by the health of the global economy. Investors can get exposure to the copper market through investing in pure copper bars with merrion gold.

Are Copper Bars a Good Investment?

Plus minus description also called electrolytic tough pitch (etp) copper, c11000 has aminimum copper plus silver content of 99. 90% with about 200-600ppm (0. 02-0. amount 06%) oxygen present as cuprous oxide. This copper is noted for its high electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and solderability, and characteristic copper color. Typical uses ball floats, building fronts, bus bars, wire conductors, contacts, cotter pins, downspouts, flashing, gaskets, gutters, kettles, nails, pans, printing rolls, radiators, radio parts, rivets, screening, soldering copper, switches, tacks, and terminals.

Jintian copper bar company is the main body of ningbo jintian copper (group) co. , ltd. Production and sales of copper bars. It started production and operation in 2009 and has a plant workshop of about 40,000 square meters. After years of development and precipitation, the company has become the largest copper processing and manufacturing base in china, focusing on the production and research of copper busbar material products, specializing in the production of various types of tmy copper bars, t2 / tu2 copper rods, shaped bars, and electrical circles. Copper wire billet and other products. The company's products have won honorary titles such as "zhejiang famous brand products" and are widely used in high and low voltage electrical appliances, power electronics, power transmission and transformation, automobiles, molds, communications, cables, mechanical processing, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and other industries, and siemens, shanghai electric , baosheng technology, chint electric and other well-known enterprises have established good cooperative relations.