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Victor emmanuel i, whose kingdom was restored after the congress of vienna, was compelled to officially adopt the lira imported from france as the kingdom's official currency after a failed first attempt at reviving the old currency. The new lira of piedmont contained 5 grams of silver with a millesimal fineness of 900 (royal patent dated 6 august 1816) (see photo no. Iv. marketing 4 ). In 1832 charles albert, having abolished the 80-lire and 40-lire gold coins, authorized the issuance of gold coins denominated in 100, 50, 20 and 10 lire; silver coins denominated in 5, 2 and 1 lire and in 50 and 25 cents; and copper coins denominated in 5, 3 and 1 cents, to be circulated only on the island of sardinia.

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2022 Market Recap: A Year in Gold

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Steenland Milk Chocolate Gold Coins 360 x 5.5g

Steenland milk chocolate gold coins 360 x 5. 5g is a bulk tub of milk chocolate euro coins that is ideal for parties, candy buffets and gifting. Each tub contains 350 x 5. 5g chocolate coins.